Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tribe 2013 Costumes Marked

First let me point out that 2 sections of Tribe's " Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal" are not here...  That is the sections by Anya Ayoung Chee and Peter Elias.The criteria used is what I would like to see from a costume... I would have included price but that information was not yet available. Brief breakdown:

  • Peter Minshall did Papilon in the early 80's and Rosalyn Gabriel did a costume in 2004 ... butterflies aren't new (FACT)
  • In terms of the beasts I thought that there would perhaps be more beast like costumes for the men and probably some female beasts as well... I guess Tribe thought differently.
Overall based on how the costumes were "marked" Tribe received 68/100.

  • Portrayal Overall - 88/100
  • Colour Combinations - 88/100
  • Uniqueness - 53/100
  • Male Version - 44/100
In terms of Portrayal and Colour Combinations I really liked what the band did... I don't think many bands would score ridiculously high in terms of uniqueness because as I said in blogs before it's hard to do something 100% unique given number of bands and festivals and years. I don't think the presentation was a bad one by any means, but I do think I have liked overall presentations from Tribe in the past more.  The wings themselves will look lovely on the road given there is sun. They have looked well before. Check out individual costume scores below... I personally like Regal Emperor and Kallimini ... the colours had me.... :D

Peter Minshall's Papilion - Photographer - Noel P Norton

Rosalyn Gabriel - Jewels of the Botanic Garden - 2004 -Noel P Norton

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