Friday, June 29, 2012

What you didn't know about Petle Mas Band

1. Petlemas was formed in 2010 by Petle Claverie.

2. Petle was a private section leader in the band Poison. He was also the creator of Poison City - The band within the band (a group of 6 sections within Poison)

3. Petlemas produced 2 sold out section while part of DreamTeam. Soux Tribe Sun Dance for Carnival 2011, and Fetish for Carnival 2013.

4. Due to the rapid growth of the section we are expanding to form the band for Carnival 2013.

5. The Theme of the band for Carnival 2013 is "La Isla del Encanto" Translation "The Island of Enchantment". This is the local name for Puerto Rico.

6. Our seven (7) sections were designed by Tracey Julian, Kwasi Robinson and Petle Claverie, and depict different aspects of, or places in Puerto Rico. Some examples of section names are La Salsa, El Yunque Rain Forest, and La Mina Falls.

7. Petlemas is a premium all-inclusive Carnival band. providing alocholic and non-alcohoic drinks, Breakfast on Tuesday, Lunch on Monday and Tuesday plus and snacks during both days, and the all important wee wee truck facilities. We also offer Champagne Mimosa welcomes on Tuesday morning!!

8. Our Target is 1000 - 1200 masqueraders.

9. Showroom is located at #40 Murray Street, Woodbrook.

10. Band launch is Sunday 5th August, 2012. Will be held at Stumblin on the Avenue.

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