Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Paparazzi Media Launch Teases Masqueraders

Let me first start off by saying from arrival to departure the "paparazzi" had us going....Tracy and crew you all came up with to the theme and stuck with it to the end...brilliant!

Disclaimer: I think they planned to get me hooked immediately since the costumes displayed were my go to costume colours (red, green and black) I know you all have been doing your research...tempt me nah...

The vibes and the service were commendable my hands were never empty, which means I will be expecting this same treatment on the road... drinks carh done!!! The 3 sections were band and red carpet vibes...The first costume peeks for Trinidad Carnival 2013 are here and they are looking great!!! Everyone will definitely be starring with Paparazzi Mas for 2013. Carnival 2013 is here! Look out for their band launch on July 8th 2012, to see the full costume line up.

I apologize about the video :S ...consider it a neck exercise work out vid :)


Red Carpet

From L-R Opulence, French Connection and Red Carpet

French Connection, Opulence and Red Carpet

The Welcome Committee :)

For More Info on Paparazzi Mas Band you can go to the Facebook Page Paparazzi Carnival on Facebook
OR check out the website Paparazzi Mas .

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