Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fantasy Barbados Launch and Close Ups

Fantasy Barbados as I have written before has one of the best well organized services on the road for Kadooment Day. Coupled with the immense vibes the band held, the only "downer" for me was the costuming aspect. For me and others like me the costume forms a very important part in the decision to play with any band and can even over shadow the service and "vibe" that the band may have to offer.

"All that Glitters" by Fantasy launched on March 21st at the Hilton Barbados. I had been informed that the costume game was going to stepped up by the band and on the night of the launch we saw that they did, at least for the females. The male costumes however left much to be desired and for males especially they left feeling a little disappointed. This is not a unique problem to Fantasy Barbados though as many bands often overlook their male masqueraders. 

I suspect however, Fantasy just as they did with their females will be taking heed of the call for better male costumes.

Trinidad and Tobago up and coming designer Shawn Dhanraj was part of Amanda Reifer's design team. and posted the below video of  Champagne on Ice frontline to his Instagram account.

Close up Courtesy Shawn Dhanraj IG

The Crop Over Hub was also able to get some up close shots of the Moolight Waters section. See those photos below.

To those wishing to register online registration will be available shortly.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Crop Over Band Scene and Launch Season 2015

Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival is over and Jamaica's Carnival in roughly two weeks, which means Crop Over 2015 will be soon upon us and the bands have been busy letting us know that they are preparing. 

The new Kadooment Bands (Xhosa and Phoenix) have been promoting themselves and the slightly older ones have made it known they will be stepping up their game. Ohhh ...  Band meet Band??? Just kidding no shade to be thrown anywhere. 

Xhosa is looking rather interesting with what seems to be a regionally collaborative effort. Lehwego/Sleek - Jamaica, Punchy Punch Trinidad and Tobago, Scorch Bim (a spin Off of Scorch Trinidad), Richard Rollocks (Island Mas - Trini/Bajan fusion), and Paul Williams from Esquire Entertainment based in the US but  a Bajan by birth. Latoya Daniels - Daresque has been welcomed as well. I also spy hints of a what I suspect is a top Trinidad and Tobago Designer in the mix. Keeping an eye on this one to see how it develops.

Fantasy Barbados stayed true to their word and the costumes were very much improved from years gone by but more on that in a subsequent blog, except to say "bling fuh so". 

Another band that has been advertising an "upped" game is The Contact Band, now Contact Band Evolution 4.0. Their launch is set to be a Premium VIP affair and I am interested to see this year what they bring to the table. Having been around a long time and advertising as Barbados' longest standing Crop Over/Kadooment band their experience must count for something right? We will see. 

Krave set a high bar last year and it will be very interesting to see them top it this year. The breakaway from Zulu International made quite an impact on many bajans and non-bajans alike, with their costume and service. The band was sold out in what a couple weeks? Granted they stayed relatively small. The designers have been saying they are coming "hard" and I do not doubt that they would be, not wanting to drop below standards from last year. Pre-registration is currently underway.

Zulu International will launch The Hunger Games on May 1st but have not been as open about what they are planning save for a sneak peek a while back.

Phoenix the Band has announced that they will launch on April 30th 2015.

Other bands yet to announce theme and launch date include Baje Internationl, Blue Box Cart and PX4

So basically this is how the Crop Over Kadooment Band scene set up so far. Below is the Calendar of Band Launches & Themes for 2015. Please note the main source for Crop Over information and collaboration for this blog will be sourced from the Crop Over Hub.

A huge thank you to The Crop Over Hub for putting this together... doing a great job of keeping everyone informed.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crop Over 2015 Events

For those that have been asking about events to plan your 2015 Crop Over Itinerary I am supplying a few events that have already been announced with dates.

Plan Carefully and wisely and definitely enjoy!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Apology - Kerwin Du Bois - Official Video

So the release of the video for what is perhaps my favourite song for 2015 "No Apology" by Kerwin Du Bois happened yesterday.

The video is directed and edited by Sean Padmore.

Fantasy Barbados Launch 2015

Tonight Fantasy Barbados will be the first Kadooment Band to launch their 2015 portrayal "Fantasize the Journey Begins"! This will be the band's 5th year and I am being told they are stepping up their game. 

From previous experience I know that the band is very well organized and has the "nuff"   vibes, but the one area I honestly wanted to see improvement in was that of costuming. The costumes were not always the best, in comparison.

 In 2014 the band made very notable improvements in terms of their costumes in relation to years before and it seems that they have gone even further in 2015.

From the last teaser released I am expecting bigger things from Fantasy for Crop Over 2015. First out gates with what is an early launch for a Kadooment Band, Fantasy seems very confident and based on the buzz they have a good reason to be.

The launch starts at 9 p.m. at the Hilton Barbados, I will be waiting with bathed breath to see the reveal tonight from Amanda Reifer and the rest of her team tonight!